Saturday, March 20, 2010

9 - Review

Directed by Shane Acker, Starring Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly & Christopher Plummer

There is a burst of green light.  A curious looking creature, skillfully stitched together and goggle-eyed, crumples to the floor.  Eventually those goggle eyes flutter open to gaze out at the devistated world it now resides in.

So begins "9", created by Shane Aker, based on his short film of the same name.  It is the story of the title character's search for a little meaning and prupose.  Where did 9 and his other numerically named coherts come from?  What has left the world in it's current apocalyptic state?  All the while they battle a self-replicating machine made of scrap metal and bones.  It is a remnant of mankind's war-mongering and, since man seems to be an extinct species, it is now someone else's problem.  It is a relatively simple story, occassionally reducing itself to a run-and-hide formula that flirts with, but never quit reaches tedium.

But let's not kid ourselves, the real draw here is the visuals and they are stunning.  From the camera work to the lighting, "9" has a compelling look all its own.  Each incarnation of the machine is both clever and terrifying.  It is a film worth seeing.  Perhaps not for it's passable story, but certainly for its amazing imagery.


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