Thursday, January 28, 2010

Check out Real Detroit this Week: Extraordinary Measures & Tooth Fairy Reviews!


  1. Nice work, Mattison. Any ideas on how they could have saved this film? Casting? Direction? Cuter, sadder, sicker children?

  2. Casting, for sure. Brendan Frasier doesn't have the chops to make this flick's inherent melodrama believable. And Keri Russell? Boooooooring. She brings zip to the role.

    I think the script is a substantially bigger problem than the direction, which is pedestrian, but competent. I don't know what made them think there wasn't enough drama in "tellin' it like it is". Or maybe there was a bit too much hollywood ego involved (Ford changing the doctor part to better suit his abilities? Producers thinking they know how to REALLY make the story "pop"?)? Maybe a bit of both?